How to Search Business Names

What does it cost?

Searches are FREE and you don’t need to log on (or even be a registered user) to search the register.

We do recommend that you log on before starting your search if you intend to update the register.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are gaps in information in a business name registration, you may wish to physically attend Company Haus and inspect the file of the relevant registration.

How do you get a certificate of registration of a business name?

When you search the register for a business name you can see and even download or email a copy of the certificate of registration.

The quick steps:

  • Begin by searching for the business name by going to “Do It Online” and clicking on Search for a Business Name
  • From the ‘View Business Name’ screen press the ‘Select Extract or Certificate’ button.
  • You can print or email a copy of the certificate of registration and it’s all FREE.

Searching for a business name owner

Using the Business Name Owner Search tool you can determine whether an individual is, or has been, an owner of a business name. 

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Searching for a business name

Using the search the register option you can find details of business names

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