Completing your annual survey

Every year, every registered foreign investor must complete their annual survey by the end of February.

The survey can now be completed online and has been simplified compared to the earlier paper version.  The information gathered is only used in aggregate, therefore the individual details provided are strictly confidential.  Aggregate data is critical to informing the government and the Central Bank of Solomon Islands about key economic statistics.  Those statistics then help determine monetary policy and government fiscal policy.

We strongly encourage you to make it an annual habit to provide the most accurate information possible.  If you have provided your email address, and registered with InvestSolomons you will be sent several reminders prior to the survey falling due.

Failure to complete the survey is an offence and may result in a fine.

How do I complete the survey?

You must first have an account with InvestSolomons. This can be the same account as the one you have with Company Haus.  You must then get authority over the foreign investment registration.

You will be required to update certain details that the system was unable to migrate over from the paper system.  Normally updating details incurs a fee, however for the first 6 months, this service will be free.

Once you have updated those details, you will be able to complete the Annual Survey. Go to your foreign investment registration, and click on the button for the Annual Survey, and follow the steps through.

If you need assistance updating missing details, please contact InvestSolomons.