Getting authority and why it is important for you

You need to have authority over your company on this website if you want to maintain company information on the register. If nobody has authority, then your company will be out of date and you may be required to pay late fees, or your company may be removed from the register.

Who can have company authority?

Company authority is granted to directors of the company and also certain agents such as accountants and lawyers (and if relevant, company secretaries).

File Template letter of authorisation

If you want to obtain approval of authority from the Registrar, you will need to get the company you want authority over, to complete a letter of authorisation, and you will need to scan it and upload or send it to the Registrar. A sample letter is attached.

Who can give or take away authority?

There are two different types of authority – one that applies to directors and another for agents.

How do I revoke my own authority?

If you no longer need access to company details, then you can revoke your own authority online. If you are a director of the company you can also revoke other peoples’ authority.