Who can have company authority?

Company authority is granted to directors of the company and also certain agents such as accountants and lawyers (and if relevant, company secretaries).

New Companies


If you have registered the company yourself, then you will be automatically granted Company Authority.  If you have registered the company on behalf of an organisation (such as an accounting firm), then Company Authority will be granted to that organisation.

Existing Companies


If you want to get authority over a company, then you need to log on (first create an account if you do not have one).

Then you search the register for the company you want authority for.

Then you click on the button Request Authority.

When you request authority, you will need to confirm if you are a director of the company, another individual, or an agent (organisation).

For example, if you are a director of the company select ‘I am a director of this company’, and a list of the company’s directors will then appear.  You will then need to click on the circle next to your name.  Then you move onto the next step, Confirming Authority.

There are two ways to confirm your authority:

1. Request authority from an existing Company Authority holder: You request authority from someone who already has authority – either a director or an agent.  When you choose this option, the system will send an email to the other director or agen and ask them to accept or reject your request.

A director who already has authority can grant authority to other directors and to agents.  An agent can only grant authority to directors, not to other agents.  For example, an accounting firm cannot grant authority to a law firm over a company- only a director can do this.

2. Ask the Registrar for approval of authority:  You can request authority from the Registrar of companies.  You can only do this if you are unable to do the first option.

If you are a director or an individual agent asking the registrar for authority – you must scan and upload (or go into the Company Haus office) proof of identity.  This is either a passport, driver’s licence or a National Provident Fund card.  Other forms of identification may be accepted by the registrar in exceptional circumstances.

If you are an organisation seeking authority –  you need a letter of authorisation from the company.  The letter must state that your organisation has authority to make maintain the company and must include the company name and number.  It must be signed by a director or somebody authorised to act on behalf of the company (with evidence of that authority).

A sample letter of authorisation is available for download here.