Remove a business name

A business name is removed from the Solomon Islands register when the status of the business name is changed to ‘removed’ on the register.

A business name may be removed from the register for one of the following reasons:

  • the owner informs the registrar that it is no longer carrying on the business (this is done by the owner or their agent directly through the online registry)

  • a return for the business name required under section 21(1) or (2) of the Business Names Act 2014 has not been given to the Registrar within 6 months after the date it was due

  • the business name should not have been registered because its name was not permitted under the law, or

  • if the business information on the Register would continue to be inaccurate or incomplete even after completing a return; or

  • the removal is required by an order of a court.

The procedure for removal is described in the Business Names Act 2014, a copy of which you can find here.