Annual Return

A guide to submitting your annual return

Getting a reminder

You will recevve a reminder by an email on the first day of your annual return filing month. Click on the link and it will take you to the Company Haus website where you log in and follow the steps.

You will need to confirm any company details or update any changes. You do not need to submit financial statements.

Paying the fee

You can download the form at this link here. Tick the file an annual return on the form and pay the treasury at the Ministry Of Finance at Mendana Avenue, Honiara. Bring the receipt back to Company Haus then they will update your account.

Submitting  an annual return

Once you have paid your fee you will be able to click submit on your online application.  If you have never used the Company Haus website, you will first need to create an account.  Click on the Create an Account link in the top right corner.  Once you have done this, search for your company, and click request authority.  Follow these linked instructions for getting authority over your company.

Late fees and Removal

You have one month to submit your annual return. After that time you will have to pay a late fee. See this link for details

If your annual return is more than 6 months late, your company will be removed from the company register. Restoring a company costs SBD 1000. More details can be found here.