Understanding Business Name search results

Once you have completed a search of the register there is a range of options available to you from the ‘Search Results’ screen.

At the top of the screen you will see the search criteria you used for this search. If you need to you can modify that criteria and search again.
In the Search Results section you can:

Sort your results

  • Alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A)

Export your results

  • Print a copy
  • Save them to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file
  • Export to Excel

View business name results

  • Preview basic details of each business name registration (eg Name,  number, status, registered address and date of registration)
  • Click through to the business name details screen for more details about a business name.
  • In the detail view screen there are multiple

View business name details

  • Under the ‘General’ tab you will have basic details of the business name registration
  • Under the ‘Addresses’ tab you will find the principal place of business and postal address of businesses.
  • the ‘Owners’ tab lists the owners registered to the business name
  • the ‘Filings’ tab contains a history (starting from November 2016) of all files lodged with the registry

Getting a copy of the business names certificate or extract

  • Click on the button ‘request extract or certificate’
  • Click on either ‘certificate’ or ‘business extract’. A business extract is a printable version of all details of a business names registration.
  • You can then email the document or view it directly as a PDF
  • You can also generate a historical certificate showing details at a particular date in the past.