How to pay fees and penalties

How you can pay for fees and penalties related to your foreign investment registration.

Three easy steps to make your payment:

  1. Please complete this form entitled “Fee Payment Form  (or collect a form from Company Haus/InvestSolomons or the Revenue Collection Counter), and tick the appropriate box. Take it to the Central Revenue Collection counter with your cash or cheque, either in Honiara next to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, or at your provincial revenue collection agency in Gizo or Auki.
  2. Please take the receipt issued to you over to the Company Haus/InvestSolomons office in front of the Ministry of Commerce building in Honiara or your provincial Ministry of Commerce field office representative (who will then send the receipt to Company Haus//InvestSolomons in Honiara). If you do not follow this step, your payment will not be effective and Company Haus will not complete your request.
  3. If you wish to avoid frequent visits to the revenue counter, Company Haus/InvestSolomons recommends you pay for your filings in advance. For example, if you pay SBD 750 in advance, you will have paid for three years worth of annual returns and will only need to complete the form online. Company Haus will credit your account to this amount.

If you do not make payments, then Company Haus/Invest Solomons may impose a penalty payment, and you may lose your status as a company.

The Fee Payment Form is available for download here.