The registration process

To register you will first need to set up an account. It is free. Click on “Logon/Register” in the top right corner of the page and follow the registration process for a new user.

Each step of the registration process is outlined here:

1. General Details
Select either an existing or proposed Solomon Islands company, a partnership, or other type of entity. This step does not create a company – you must complete that separate process after you have obtained your foreign investment certificate.
2. Investors
You may add one or several investors, who may either be individuals or a foreign entity. You must upload certain key information here. For example, individuals must upload a scan of their passport and a resume.  A foreign entity must upload evidence of their incorporation.
3. Business Activities
You must select your main business sector.  You must then carefully choose all proposed business activities here, as this will form the basis of your permission to operate in those areas.  If later you wish to amend those activities, it will incur a fee of SBD 1,000.
Include a general description of your business activities. The clearer your description, the easier it will be to obtain approvals. This enables staff to verify you have chosen the correct business activity codes.
You must also upload a copy of your business plan.
4. Operating Locations
You must list all planned operating locations here.
5. Employment
This information is critical to facilitating your work permits and visas, so please complete proposed employment figures and the proposed type of work.
6. Investment information
This information is confidential, but is critical when aggregated with other foreign investments as it provides the basis for key economic data.
7. Declarations and Review
You must provide accurate information, and therefore this declaration must be completed.  Review your application next. If any details are missing or incorrect, you will see a red triangle with an “!” mark.
8. Pay and Submit
Once properly completed, you will be able to Save and Exit your application if you wish.
You must make your payment at the Treasury Counter or provincial cashier, and present the receipt to Company Haus. They will top up your account, and you will then be able to submit your application, passing through a payment screen.  You may download a copy of the receipt at the payment screen.
9. Successful applications
When your application has been assessed and finalised, InvestSolomons will send you an email, attaching a copy of your certificate.  You can obtain copies of your certificate online as well by simply searching for your business name registration, or accessing it through your dashboard.
10. Returned applications
InvestSolomons staff may return applications by email if they have not been correctly completed. You should check your email account regularly and respond quickly to any questions raised.