Choose a company name

A guide to choosing a name for your company

  • You need to choose a company name when you register a company.
  • The name needs to be distinctive and cannot copy other companies.
  • You should do a search of company names before you choose your own to make sure that your preferred name is not already taken.
  • The company name must have the word ‘limited’ or ‘ltd’ at the end.  If it is a community company, it must have ‘community company limited’ or ‘ccl’ at the end of the name.
  • Registration of a company name provides limited name protection – that is, it will prevent another company being incorporated under an identical or almost identical name.
  • A business name is different to a company name.   It is the name usually used in a trading context. For example, a company may have the company name ABC Tropical Limited, and it may own and run a shop, under the business name ‘Nambawan Hardware Store’.  You may still use your company name in a trading context, however if you do, it must include the full company name (ie the word Limited must be included).
  • You may also register one or more business names for your company.  Registration of business names is done by attending and completing the form at the Company Haus office and paying the fee.
  • You can change the name of your company through the Company Haus registry. See Maintain a Company’s Details for guidance.  You will have to pay a fee if you wish to change the company name.


Note | This information is intended as a guide only – it is not intended as legal advice. For more detailed information please refer to the legislation or seek legal advice.

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