Overseas companies

An “overseas company” means a corporation that is incorporated outside Solomon Islands, whether or not it is registered in Solomon Islands. Overseas companies carrying on business in Solomon Islands must register with Company Haus.

Which overseas companies must register in Solomon Islands?

All overseas companies must apply to register as an overseas company within twenty working days of commencing business in Solomon Islands.

What is meant by ‘carrying on business’?

Carrying on business is defined in Part 11 of the Companies Act 2009, a copy of which is available for download here.

If you are a registered overseas company you must:


  • File an annual return for overseas companies every year by the date specified by the registrar
  • Comply with the Foreign Investment Act 2005 and any other law of Solomon Islands
  • Give public notice and file with the Registrar if the overseas company intends to cease carrying on business.


You must file a form if you:

  • change the company name
  • change registered offices or postal addresses of the overseas company or change the Solomon Islands postal address
  • change directors or any of their details
  • change the person or address of any person authorized to accept service in Solomon Islands of documents on behalf of the overseas company

Fees may be applicable and must be paid in advance at the treasury counter of the ministry of finance in Honiara, Auki or Gizo.



What information will appear on the register for an overseas company?

Once a company is registered on the companies register in Solomon Islands, certain details will appear on the register and be available for searching.