Director details

Each company must have at least one director. There are some restrictions regarding who can be a director of a company.

A person can not be a director of a company if he/she is:

  • under 18 years of age
  • an undischarged bankrupt
  • prohibited from being a director or promoter of or being concerned or taking part in the management of a company under the Act
  • a person in respect of whom a custody order is in force under section 18 or 41 of the Mental Treatment Act (Cap 103)
  • not eligible because of requirements contained in the company’s rules.


The director must also be a natural person (eg a director cannot be another company or a trust).

Director’s address

The director’s residential address recorded here must be a physical address of where they reside and cannot be a postal address such as a PO Box or Private Bag.


The person registering the company must confirm that the directors have consent to be directors of the company, and a record of that consent should be kept in the company’ own files.

Further details on directors’ responsibilities can be found here.