You must pay the application fee to complete your application.

To submit your application to incorporate your company you must pay the application fee of SBD$1,250 (SBD $2,500 for an overseas company) at either the Treasury Counter in Honiara, or the Inland Revenue counters in Gizo and Auki.

You will then be required to show your receipt at Company Haus, or arrange for the Chief Industrial Officer in Auki or Gizo to fax over a copy of the receipt to Company Haus.  This money will then be credited to your account with Company Haus.

If you have any difficulties with payment please call Company Haus in Honiara on 26812, Tom Olifadi, Chief Industrial Officer in Gizo on 60821 or Eric George, Chief Industrial Officer in Auki on 40123.

You may also make various payments in advance to top up your Company Haus account to avoid having to make multiple trips to the payment counters.


Important information

After finalising your online application, please ensure you wait until you are presented with a confirmation screen or your requested information.  Actions such as clicking the browser back button or closing the window may disrupt the transaction.