What documents can you see?

Many documents filed with the Company Haus can be conveniently viewed online as PDF files.

There are two main types of documents held on the register:

Electronic documents

Where the document was filed online and an electronic document was created once it was registered on the website.  For example:

  • Incorporation documents
  • Company rules
  • Online changes to directors and to shareholders
  • Online changes to address details
  • Online receivership & liquidation documents.Note: The Company Haus does not hold paper copies of electronic documents.

Imaged documents

Where the documents have been filed as a paper document and have been imaged (scanned) after the document has been registered.
The Registrar now images all paper documents filed where they offer additional information about the company or its operations than you would normally find by searching the register.
Examples of imaged documents include:

  • Paper constitutions and amendments
  • Prospectuses and financial accounts

Note: Documents prior to July 2010 remain in paper form.  Therefore company searches will need to be conducted in Honiara for historical information prior to July 2010.

How do you get a certificate of incorporation?

When you search the register for a company you can get a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

How do you get a company extract?

When you search the register for a company you can get a company extract or an annual return extract.