What does company status mean?

The company status indicates whether a company is recorded as registered, amalgamated, removed or in receivership/liquidation.

If the status is:


A company that is currently registered.

In liquidation or In receivership

Once the notice of appointment of a liquidator or receiver has been filed with the Company Haus, the search results will reflect the change of status for that company.  When you search the register for a company, you can easily find companies that are in liquidation or in receivership.

  • The current status of the company will be noted beside the company name in the ‘Search results’ screen and will also be recorded on the ‘Company details’ screen.


This refers to a company that is no longer registered (that is, it has been removed from the register).  For a company, this may result from a failure to file annual returns, the completion of liquidation, from an amalgamation with another company or from a formal request to be removed from the register.  The document filing history usually indicates why an entity has been removed.