What information is available online?

The Company Haus website contains information on entities. It also contains information on individuals and other bodies related to those entities (for example, for companies information is held about directors and shareholders).

IMPORTANT: Prior to the end of the Re-registration period (currently 31 March 2011), search results will not contain a complete record.  You should consider the need to do a search of the paper records of a company either at Company Haus, or at the company’s registered office.

Using the Search the register option you can search for:

  • Solomon Island companies (private, public and community) and
  • Overseas companies registered as carrying on business in the Solomon Islands.

From the Search Results screen select a company to view and you will see:

Company details

  • The company details screen summarises a range of information about each company and is all available online for FREE.
  • Any changes to a company’s registered information is updated on the ‘Company details’ screen in real time.

Company summary

  • Company number, incorporation date, company name, status, entity type, company rules filed (Yes/No), annual return filing month, company addresses (registered office and address for service) and company directors.


  • Current and historical addresses for all addresses recorded for the company – registered office and postal address.


  • For each director – their full legal name, residential address and date of appointment. The results also show if they are a shareholder.


  • Total number of shares held, the name of the each shareholder and the number of shares allocated to them.  The results also show whether they are a director.  Companies are only required to update their shareholdings with Company Haus when they submit their annual return form.  Therefore, you should check with the company to ensure you have the most up to date shareholding information.  The company is obliged to allow you to check the share register .


  • All registered documents (for example, company rules and annual returns)