I have a business name, what do I need to do?

If you have a business name registration, we suggest you search for it on the register.

  • You simply click on “ONLINE SERVICES” => then Business Names => then Search for Business Name.
  • Enter the name or number of your business name registration and click search.
  • Once you have found your business name, click on it to reveal a detailed view.
  • You can immediately request an certificate by clicking “Request Extract of Certificate” and a copy can be downloaded or emailed to you.

What about missing details?

For the first 12 months, it is free to update details on the register.

  • Check the General Details, Addresses and Owners tabs are correct.
  • Certain details such as email address may be missing. Please complete them.

How do I complete missing details?

  • Under the title of your business name it will say “If you want to maintain this business name you need to be logged in and have authority over the business name”.
  • This means you must “log in”. To do this you first need to register your account. Do this by clicking the top right corner of the screen “Login/Register” and complete the details so you have an account.  If you already have an account from Company Haus, then please use those details.
  • Now you’re logged in, go back to your business name registration.
  • Under the business name there will be a line “To maintain this business name you must request authority by clicking here

How do I request authority?

  • You either declare you are an Owner of the Business Name, then the registry staff will check if this is correct, and will then grant you authority.
  • OR you declare you are an agent for them, and you must upload a letter of authorisation from the business.

Now I have authority, what do I do?

  • Go back to your business name, and you will see a grey button “Maintain Business Name”. Click on it.
  • Then choose “Change Business Name Information”
  • From there, you will be asked to fill in certain details.
    • Effective Date: means the date you’d like the change to take effect. For simplicity, choose today’s date.
    • Primary Business Activity: please select the MAIN activity of your business
    • Email: This is very important for you to complete because this is how you will be contacted.
    • If any other details are missing, this is your chance to complete them.

Now you are up to date!

*Don’t forget, every two years you must update Company Haus by submitting your return.*

*You must also notify Company Haus of any changes, easily done through the registry, within 20 working days of the change.*